Sauti FM to support expectant mothers in Kayunga Hospital through “Akafubutuko Tuyambe”

Mothers waiting for service in Kayunga district referral hospital
Mothers waiting for service in Kayunga district referral hospital

Sauti FM is moved to support expectant mothers in Kayunga hospital in a campaign dubbed Akafubutuko Tuyambe Marathon.

The Radio CEO, Mr. Kaliisa Kalangwa reveals that this efforts aims at reducing cases mothers who are suffering in the hospital due to lack of equipment necessary for labor. Mr. Kalangwa called upon all radio listeners allover the world to support the cause.

Kayunga hospital patients admission wards

“Our mothers go through hardships to bring forth children, it is incumbent on us to make sure that we make this process a bit humane. We should not allow mothers to go through this pain when we can help” Kalangwa noted.

The station manager, Mr. Bugabo John in asking for support from the community promised that any individual who contributes towards this cause will be listed as a prime member of the radio listeners club. Individuals are asked to contribute at least 5000 Uganda shillings while organizations or groups are asked to contribute 100,000/= towards the cause.

Contributors will be awarded with free radio adverts and announcements until the 5th of October 2016 including a one week bonus.

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